Wednesday, July 2, 2008

but he was asleep

I have always loved the story of Jesus quieting the storm. To think that Jesus was with the disciples the whole time the storm was brewing and raging – asleep! How many times in our lives, or the lives of our faith communities, do we face seemingly terrifying situations forgetting that Jesus is with us. When we are sure we have been abandoned by God and something terrible is about to happen – we need only 'wake him up.'

I, for one, am comforted by a God who is present, yet asleep; responsive to the fears and cries of the people of faith. In a world filled with Christians who specialize in the storm-tracking-hype of impending calamity, we need more people who know that Jesus is already in the boat with them, ready, willing and able to bring calm. 

"Why are you afraid?" he asks. Why indeed?

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